Join the raffoni Group Team

We are always looking for smart, talented and seasoned professionals to join The Raffoni  Group team.

The Raffoni Group helps CEOs realize higher ambitions and exponentially improve the quality of their professional lives. Our multi-faceted services leverage the intelligence and power of our CEO network, whether through our CEO Collective peer groups, our strategic planning and leadership alignment, our annual CEO Summit or our 1-on-1 work with CEOs and key executives. As Strategic Facilitators, we push where pushing yields results, we probe where probing encourages critical thinking, and we thoughtfully connect in a relentless effort to help CEOs create and inspire.

The Raffoni Group Is a Fit for You if...

  • You set goals, strive to achieve them and work hard to be the best team and individual contributor you can be.
  • You believe in transparency and truly being yourself on the job. You believe that team members should not only be colleagues but friends, who back each other up and seek the truth.
  • You can balance productive, rigorous hard work with autonomy and flex scheduling.
  • You believe in offering more than great services, but also caring about clients and showing gratitude and respect -- taking the high road.
  • You love great products, great clients, and working with a great team whose MO is rigor, drive, flexibility and sense of humor. 

CURRENT Career Opportunities

Strategic Facilitator - CEO Programs



I love working at The Raffoni Group because I can be my unfiltered, authentic self. It means everything to me because my individual personality strengths are aligned with my evolving role on the leadership team. It’s exciting and energizing - and makes it fun to come to work!
— Erin Mullen, Operations
I love working for The Raffoni Group because I’m able to use my talents and skills in a way that makes an impact on the business. I feel respected and valued which motivates me to give my best.
— Amy Black, Marketing