The Raffoni Group is seeking a talented, energetic, and aspiring individual who is excited and motivated to be a part of a growing organization that is recognized for its ability to strategically facilitate top tier CEOs in realizing higher ambitions and exponentially improving the quality of their professional lives.  The Raffoni Group offers smart C-suite offerings for the mid-market coupled with curated ecosystem of CEOs, partners, and expert resources that work together to drive exponential value through the power of interconnectivity.  

Our Strategic Facilitators embrace knowledge transfer, they push where pushing yields results and probe to encourage critical thinking.  They seek to create environments that allow CEOs to thoughtfully connect to other CEOs and their leadership teams in ways that inspire outstanding leadership and results. While some may call us coaches or consultants, we reject the term so we may fully focus our efforts on working individually with clients to help them to achieve their unique, individual goals while orchestrating better solutions through the development of integrated programs that seek to optimize combined intelligence & collaboration.

Recognized for our CEO Collective Peer Group Programs, Strategic Planning Offerings, and expertise in C-Suite Leadership Development, we are seeking Strategic Facilitators who are excited to work with us to delivery our long standing, tested methodologies while working with the Leadership Team to make a personal impact in growing the firm.

The Raffoni Group is committed to offering a stimulating, flexible work environment to employees who are seek to balance hard work and rigor with personal pursuits that help them to balance, good health, and personal growth.


In this role, you will be responsible for the delivery of offerings with a primary focus on running and managing multiple CEO Peer Groups and select Strategic Leaders clients. This role is ideal for individuals who are looking for high impact, intellectually stimulating work that involves working directly with CEOs of growth-oriented companies. This role is primarily based in Boston, with limited travel on a project basis.

Individual will be responsible for:

  • Managing, leading and owning the health of assigned CEO Collective groups by ensuring that the program is meeting measured objectives around individual CEO personal and professional growth, financial business success, and program satisfaction.  

  • Conducting high impact telephone/online 1-1 meetings with CEO members to prepare for each meeting, using the Raffoni Group methodology.

  • Facilitating the agenda and delivery of successful full-day CEO Collective meetings in the Boston area, adhering to the Raffoni Group CEO Collective methodology.

  • Working with the Raffoni Group team to expand member value through program improvements and leveraging of network.  Successful facilitators will position the Raffoni Group as the hub for orchestrating meaningful, time saving connections amongst all of our CEO clients and qualified professional services providers.  

  • Playing an active role in the recruitment of new members. Specifically, strategic facilitators must be able to successfully work with the Member recruitment team to complete the final phases of mutual selection process to ensure overall group and facilitator fit.

  • Designing, developing and delivering select Strategic Leaders Program Projects, using the Raffoni Group Methodology.  Additionally, working with the clients and our internal team to scope and provide on-going support services, based on client need, to ensure that the CEO and C-Suite team is on target with respect to meeting its Strategic Goals.

  • Playing an active role on the Raffoni Group Leadership team to identify and execute on key Strategic Goals and Operating Objectives to support the overall growth and health of the firm.  In essence, being part of a team that aims to practice what we preach to clients to ensure being the best we can be.

To qualify candidates must possess:

  1. Credible CEO experience - Must have prior business experience that our CEO clients would find valuable, this most likely would resemble a significant operating position within a successful growth company and/or a relevant management consulting or related coaching/facilitator position that required working directly with mid-market CEO level clients or colleagues.

  2. Solid strategic facilitation skills (verbal, written, one on one, and in groups) - Must have experience facilitating group meetings and or conducting professional training in a business setting. Required written skills include the ability to successfully communicate with CEOs verbally and via email. A solid ability to frame & synthesize business ideas, concepts, and/or challenges into well written executive Raffoni case summaries.

  3. Business acumen, passion, and related competencies - Must have proven competencies in the area of Business Planning, Goal Setting, Process Management, Project Management, Time Management, and Leadership Development.

  4. Process orientation - Must be comfortable with embracing process for the sake of consistent quality and the greater good; commit to implementing a consistent delivery methodology.  

  5. Demonstration of our core values - Must be aligned with our core values around client advocacy, team support, personal growth, boldness, transparence, ownership, life-balance and the importance of good humor.

  6. Facilitator technical skills - Must be fluent in MS Word, PPT, Excel and Google apps; be able to use these tools in real time with clients.

Required personal attributes:

  • Belief in our business mission.

  • Alignment with our core values around client advocacy, team support, personal growth that includes boldness, transparency, ownership, life-balance, and the importance of good humor.

  • Eagerness to work with a small, growth oriented, semi-virtual boutique professional services firm.

  • Capacity to understand the needs of a growth company.

  • Self- starter who can work independently, both from home and in the office- based on need.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to Christa Benjamin at