well-designed Strategic workshops that address your unique  organziational challenges


A strategically structured and well-facilitated workshops can kick start, restart and or further drive organizational performance and engagement. Call it working sessions, call it communication, call it “getting the right people in the room” – it’s all of that.  

Here are some of the challenges our custom workshops address:

  • Does your team need to be aligned around a specific decision, process or direction?
  • Do you have a strategic initiative that’s stuck in the mud and in need of some outside help to get clarity to reach an agreement on a plan to drive progress?
  • Are there competencies that you would like to build in your leadership team?
  • Do you sometimes wish that your team made better decisions, collaborated better, built better action plans, were stronger communicators, or managed up, down and across with skill?
  • Does the thought of a partner who believes training is a process not event and insists on continuous learning and measured results sound refreshing
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— CEO of Company


Three Custom Learning and Development Offerings

We work with the CEO to understand what needs to be done, then scope an approach and a plan that can drive results. 

Option 1: “Next Level” Leadership Workshops - Aimed to educate, engage and align the next level, with a unique focus on driving home strategic goals and operational objectives. Ideal for CEOs who are proactively looking to build the next tier, minimize points of failure, attain leverage for their senior team, and plan for succession.

Option 2: Strategic Goal Acton Planning - Aimed at kicking off teams with respect to clarifying objectives, key actions to achieve a goal, critical success factors, governance, etc.  Perfect for lost or stuck teams who need a restart. Or, for new teams who need to start on the right foot.

Option 3: Executive & Professional Skills Training - Customized training aimed at covering topics or competencies that need addressing, including but not limited to leading and managing teams, solution selling, customer service, process improvement, etc.   



Our Approach to Custom Learning and Development

Leadership starts from the top, with a clear direction and an A+  leadership team to support the CEO, but it doesn’t stop there...


...once it is in place, superior CEOs build engaged high performing cultures where employees feel connected, give discretionary effort and work together to drive both strategic goals and operational objectives.

Given our connection with the CEO and our presence at the strategy table, The Raffoni Group is uniquely positioned to leverage our experience in strategic facilitation and organizational development to drive improved organizational performance through well-designed and thoughtfully delivered strategic workshops.

In these sessions, our seasoned Strategic Facilitators, use their we are unique skills to:

  • Clarify objectives

  • Create a workshop-based approach to drive the objectives

  • Facilitate, with experience, a workshop or series of workshops that drive the objectives

We believe that org performance and engagement be viewed as a process, not an event.  

All of our work is connected to business strategy and must include key stakeholders who can follow up inside the organization to insure that the upfront investment made in our work will sustain.



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Many of our CEO Collective clients choose to engage The Raffoni Group in the additional service of strategic planning and accountability. Our deep knowledge of their business strategy and the challenges they face as they continue to grow, coupled with our proven methodologies and tools, uniquely position us to help our clients develop a executable strategic plan that moves the business forward. 

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