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Brian O'Donnell
& Strategic Facilitator

Key Areas of Expertise:

Operations, product engineering, finance, globalization, employee engagement, and running a private, mid-sized, family-owned company

Most Proud of:

Working my way up to CEO (including paying my own way through college), making a positive impact on many employees through the years, orchestrating successful business turnarounds, and starting a charitable fund

"Off the Job" Passions:

Global travel, building things with my hands, extended family, and the need for speed (driving fast cars on track day)!

More About Brian

Long term CEO Collective Member and Strategic Leader client, Brian O'Donnell joins our team focused on improving the overall program value of our CEO Collective Program.

Brian has over eight years of operating experience as CEO of A.W. Chesterton Company, which he joined in 1996 where he played many roles, helping to drive profitability and re-position the company for future growth. 

As a valued member of the The Raffoni Group's CEO Collective for eight years, Brian has been exposed to multiple companies, CEOs and business issues through our program. Brian was recruited to the board of the Double E Company and most recently participated in their successful transaction to a new private equity owner after helping increase the value of the business from $38 million to $85 million in five years. Brian's experience scaling companies, playing multiple functional roles, and with the Collective as a valued member, clearly make him a tremendous asset to our team.

Connect with Brian

What I love about working with the Raffoni Group is that we really do make a very positive impact by helping CEOs and Key Executives develop in their roles, refine their strategic skills, and improve the performance of their companies in the short and long term.
— Brian O'Donnell
Through the course of my ten years, I have come to fully appreciate Brian not only as an innately intelligent mind but a strategic thinker, methodical and patient in his resolve to untangle the problem at hand. My favorite thing about him is his grossly understated sense of humor and ability to disarm almost anyone with it. He is a joy to work with every day.
— Erin Mullen, Colleague

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