Non-Traditional, Goal-Focused "cOACHING" That Helps CEOs Move the business forward

Our Strategic Facilitators work with CEOs to increase their ability to better manage time, tools and resources -- all to drive business performance and results.


Coaching can come in many forms, with a wide range of objectives.Traditional business coaching is often rooted in behavioral modification and delivered by those steeped in helping individuals to remove emotional blocks or use cognitive behavioral techniques to re-frame thinking patterns. 

Our “coaching” intent is different. It has always been to help the best CEOs to be better CEOs by getting them focused on moving strategic goals and business results forward. We do this by applying structure that forces CEOs to work on the business and we leave behavioral coaching to others.

Our job is to accelerate results. And as a result, our 1-1 coaching approach and tone is geared towards prioritizing pockets of urgency, sharpening focus in these areas and staying the course to drive smart step at a time.

Are we coaches? Are we consultants? Sure, but we stand behind our term Strategic Facilitator because our focus is to leverage our tools and networks to help CEOs succeed.

All of our programs have a 1-1 “coaching” component, but it’s only a piece of what we do. It’s the piece that helps us to help you clarify goals and connect you with the right tools and people to achieve those goals. We rarely do 1-1 coaching on it’s own, but we will always recommend a comprehensive program that does includes peer collaboration, the use of structured tools and, yes, 1-1 time with a Strategic Facilitator whose job is to connect the dots for you... with a sharp eye on the end game: Setting you up to achieve your professional goals as CEO.

Our Coaching Options


The CEO Collective

In our CEO Collective program, the power of the CEO network is at your finger tips, providing you with a regular forum to solicit the feedback of trusted peers who understand your challenges and give unbiased feedback. Additionally, our program includes regular 1-1 sessions with a Strategic Facilitator to review business goals and prep for upcoming peer meetings.

The Key Executive Collective

In the same vein, our Key Executive Collective program offers top executives the same benefit of peer feedback and perspective, helping to further develop your "right-hand" executive into an A+ player.

Strategic Leaders

One key element that makes our Strategic Leaders strategy planning and facilitation program unique is the hands-on approach that starts far before the actual planning session. Our Strategic Facilitators work 1-on-1 with our CEO clients on a strategy presentation that is a foundational component of the overall planning process.

CEO Coaching

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For CEOs who want to have the support of a Strategic Facilitator and are not in our CEO Collective, we offer a 1-1 CEO Coaching option. Similar to our other programs, our requirement for coaching is that your business is growing or poised to grow. The goal of the relationship would be to help you reach even higher heights through strategy work, planning and accountability. 

Our clients value our coaching and that of our peer networks because we aren’t afraid to ask the toughest questions. They know we are on their side and laser focused on helping them succeed.