highly effective CEO PEER GROUPS that tackle Your Challenges, and challenge your Assumptions

When you are a part of a CEO Collective peer group, you are surrounded by people who truly understand the challenges you are facing and willing to share from their experience. Through the collective power of the network you can make decisions quickly and thoughtfully. 

Some of the tough questions our members bring to the table for feedback include:

  • How do I ensure that I am making the right decisions for the company?

  • How do I know where to invest and where to pull back?

  • Do I have the right business model, processes and organizational structure to effectiveness grow the business?

  • When and how should I successfully address over-due people issues?

  • What is the right sales strategy? M&A strategy? financing strategy?

You get the most honest feedback you are going to get from a group. They have no vested interest in your business. They just want to see you succeed.
— Peter Bransfield, CEO, Rypos



What Sets the Collective Apart?

While there are many factors that make us unique and highly effective, here are the top 5 things that set us apart from the others...

  1. Attendance to meetings is not optional, and preparation is required.

  2. Our 1-1 support sessions provided to prep for meetings.

  3. Our structured methodology and tools refined by input from CEOs over the course of 20 years are proven to drive results.

  4. Our meetings are high-impact, structured with cases and feedback, no guest speakers or open discussions.

  5. Our seasoned Strategic Facilitators include former CEOs, CEO clients, consultants all certified and committed to consistent program quality and driving results.

No matter how experienced a CEO gets, the Raffoni Group offerings always find a way to raise the bar. They clearly understand the challenges of a CEO and what it takes to make one great.
— Jason Maxwell, CEO, MassPay


What it takes to be a member

To qualify, you must meet the following criteria...

  • You run a great, growing company, poised for future success. Your company meets the minimum revenue criteria and is on a profitable path.

  • You are a CEO committed to actively driving strategy and growth. You are in a position to work on the business, seeking continued leverage, and are thoughtful and pro-active with time management.

  • You are a CEO with integrity, experience and an open mind. You have much to share to help your peers, but are also eager and open to learn from their experiences.

Our thoughtful selection process ensures that our program is worth your time and that we will make an impact. We only work with CEOs and companies where we can partner to drive successful business results. By selectively creating a Collective of successful CEO and companies, everybody wins. 



Why CEOs Make Time for Our Peer Groups

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Our Talented CEO Facilitators


Our seasoned Strategic Facilitators include former CEOs, CEO clients and consultants, all certified and committed to consistent program quality and driving results.


Melissa Raffoni
CEO, Founder
& Strategic Facilitator

Brian O'Donnell.jpg

Brian O'Donnell
& Strategic Facilitator

Mark G Black and White.PNG

Mark Goldstein
& Strategic Facilitator

Steve Munroe bw_InPixio.jpg

Steve Munroe
& Strategic Facilitator

Roger Keene
Strategic Facilitator

Theresa Higgs
Strategic Facilitator



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This annual CEO get-a-way, gives our members the chance to enjoy and be enriched by meaningful time spent with the full network of their peers.

This is a members-only retreat that includes a fun social evening and a day of eye-opening discussion around topics that are most relevant to the attendees.  

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Each year, we celebrate the success of our client members by presenting an achievement award (one per Collective peer group) at our Annual CEO Retreat.

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Many of our CEO Collective clients choose to engage The Raffoni Group in the additional service of strategic planning and accountability. Our deep knowledge of their business strategy and the challenges they face as they continue to grow, coupled with our proven methodologies and tools, uniquely position us to help our clients develop a executable strategic plan that moves the business forward. 

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