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Christa Benjamin
Program Coordinator

Key Areas of Expertise:

Client services, public relations, program management, operations

Most Proud of:

Running my own PR consulting firm, and managing a fine balance between being mom to four great kids (ages 9-15) with re-starting my career, taking care of myself and maintaining close relationships.

"Off the Job" Passions:

Time with my kids and family, reading and running.

More About Christa

Christa Benjamin comes to the Raffoni Group with an excellent entrepreneurial and communications background. As the founder of her own PR firm, Bowen Public Relations, she lead PR efforts for clients in various industries. Prior to running her company, Christa worked as an executive producer for Wunderkind Studios, a boutique web design agency and as a senior account executive for Beaupre & Co. Public Relations. Christa’s favorite things in life are spending time with her family, reading a good book, skiing, traveling, running — and teaching kids to run competitively. Drive by Rye Elementary School and you might see her coaching 4th and 5th graders. 

Connect with Christa

I love that at the Raffoni Group, we laugh, get along and have fun with each other. I think that’s important when you are working with each other day-to-day.
— Christa Benjamin

I love working with Christa, as she never seems to have a bad day and always has so much energy! She has that permanent smile on her face and will always do whatever she can to take care of our clients. Her energy and laughter is contagious!
— Mark Hatton, Colleague

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