C-Suite AligNment

Programs Designed to Promote and Facilitate the Alignment Your Team Needs to Succeed

Having an aligned C-suite makes the difference between success and failure. While all of our programs promote and facilitate alignment, the following are especially powerful at driving it home...

Strategic Leaders - Strategic Planning and Facilitation 

Nothing has the potential to align a team more than working together to develop a strategy and execution plan.

With our unique and thorough strategic planning process, any areas that are not aligned are brought to light and addressed. Our Strategic Facilitators take the time, prior to the actual strategy meeting, to interview and seek understanding from the executive team. They then bring this knowledge to the CEO presentation development process so that any areas of disconnect are identified and worked on in advance, ensuring that the strategy meeting can be most productive. 

Key Executives Collective - A Peer Group for Your "Right Hand"

You're only as good as your leadership team. You work through them everyday and the sharper they are, the more strategic minded -- keeping the big picture in mind, all while leading their teams in daily execution -- the more successful you are as CEO. Our Key Executives Collective was started at the request of our CEO members in order to help them hone the skills of the most important people on their teams.

These execs are given the opportunity to learn, grow and share with other c-suite peers. They also work 1-1 with our Strategic Facilitators who help to focus them on specific business strategy and goals set by you, the CEO.

As a result of the experience, executives are more aligned, make better decisions and achieve greater success in their roles.