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CEO high Impact Engagement Program

Designed for the CEo who wants to maximize results

By combining The Raffoni Group’s proven executive programs for an integrated and holistic approach, this High Impact offering facilitates laser-focused direction and strategy…and aligns the leadership team in order to move the plan forward with clarity and speed. 

  • How do I create a clear, vetted, measurable strategic direction and plan?

  • How do I find a committed peer forum and structured process for getting unbiased, "outside/in," experienced feedback on critical decisions?

  • How do I improve business acumen and strategic insight?

  • Where do I get accountability to drive the plan?

The strategic facilitator will get under the hood of the entire business and push you, the CEO, and the management team to do things you never know you could do in ways you never knew you could do them.
— Chuck Cohen, CEO, Benco


CEOs Engaged in The High-Impact Offering Obtain:

The Raffoni Group did an excellent job of understanding our team. They helped defined outcomes upfront and delivered results.
— Jason Maxwell, CEO, MassPay
  • Structured time to work on the business, with a focus on strategy

  • A clear, vetted, measurable strategic direction and plan

  • A committed peer forum and structured process for getting unbiased, "outside/in," experienced feedback on critical decisions

  • Improved business acumen and strategic insight through The Raffoni Case™ method participation

  • Peer accountability to drive the plan

  • A better understanding of the skills required to be a successful CEO

  • A dedicated seasoned Strategic Facilitator to ensure program value and improved business results

  • A highly aligned leadership team that has been an active part of the planning process

  • A proven strategic planning system and toolkit

  • An agreed upon C-suite accountability and governance plan aligned with strategy and goals

  • A customized scorecard to measure results both for strategy and ops

  • C-suite support and coaching, as needed

  • C-level peer support group with a focus on further developing your star player and aligning him/her with company strategy



A Sample of The high Impact Toolkit

The Raffoni Group knows how to facilitate solid discussions with the leadership team. They keep the session and objectives on-point.
— Kari Taylor, VP of Sales and Branch Operations, Benco

When we facilitate strategic planning with our clients we bring a powerful portfolio of trademarked "CEO tested, CEO approved" tools to the table to support the multi-level phases of the process.

The High Impact Toolkit Includes: 

Strategic Leaders

  • Structured leadership team prep documents

  • CEO Direction Deck™

  • One-page Raffoni Strategic Scorecard™ and metrics

  • Operational dashboard and functional plans

  • Action plans

  • Raffoni Case™ methodology to drive results

CEO Collective

  • Raffoni Group CEO Collective Methodology™

  • CEO Annual Strategic Plan™

  • CEO Strategic Scorecard ™

  • The Raffoni Case™ method

  • Integrated Strategic Leaders Alignment Methodology


The Raffoni Group is effective at driving toward clarity and alignment around decisions that need to be made.

— Chad Geise, CEO, Furmano’s