Each CEO Collective has its own unique characteristics, and CEO placement into a group is something we take very seriously. 


Through a rigorous screening process, our Strategic Facilitators assess:

  • Your business: its track record, prospects for growth, and key strategic challenges
  • Your long-term goals and how you define success
  • Your leadership style and the degree to which you have achieved “CEO leverage”
  • Your areas of expertise, and, correspondingly, your areas for development

Only with this knowledge in-hand do we recommend an existing CEO Collective, or seek to match several CEOs from our waiting list to form a new Collective.

You’ve got CEOs of public companies, privately held, bootstrapped, small entrepreneurial companies and large conglomerates – you’ve got to be on your toes. Everyone is in the moment, there are no distractions, people are well-prepared for the meetings, and you need to be.
— - David MacKeen, Eliassen Group
Melissa’s skills as both a strategic consultant and moderator are a rare combination. She brings both insight and tools. She’s really good at both helping CEOs to isolate core issues and framing them in a way to get optimal feedback. As a result, the feedback I’ve gotten on cases I have brought before the group has contributed substantially to improvements in our bottom line.
— Roger Greene, Ipswitch

What the Collective Provides

  • Structured time to clarify your company needs with people who truly understand your position
  • The opportunity to improve both your business and yourself
  • Resolution of truly strategic business issues directly and concisely
  • Networking resources including partners, professional services and connections to CEOs from other groups.
  • A committed group of professionals whose goals and needs mirror yours
  • A strategic facilitator who guides the meetings and guides the process with you 1:1