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At The Raffoni Group, we are clear on our mission. We exist to help CEOs succeed. At the center of our unique and proven approach is an unrelenting dedication to our clients, our team, and the quality of our services.

Over the past 20 years, we've built and continuously improved our products, with the collaboration of our CEO clients, resulting in offerings that are relevant, progressive, and most importantly, effective. 

The Raffoni Group reputation is built on our unique combination of the experience of CEOs and the rigor of consultants, resulting in powerful and unique benefits for our clients. Just ask them.

Why Work for the Raffoni Group?

As a team member of The Raffoni Group you have a unique opportunity to contribute to and share in the impact that we make in the lives of CEOs and all of those who work in their companies. In order to help you be successful in your role, we go above and beyond to provide you with training, tools, and overall support.

Our values are the foundation of our business... 

We believe in transparency and truly being yourself on the job.
We believe our team members should not only be colleagues, but also friends.
We believe in balancing productive, rigorous hard work with autonomy and flex scheduling.
We believe in offering great services while caring deeply about clients.
We believe in showing gratitude and respect, and always taking the high road.
We believe in never losing our sense of humor.
We believe in our products, clients, and our team.
And if you become a part of our team, we will believe in you

Become a Strategic Facilitator

Are you a former CEO, a C-suite professional or a seasoned consultant with a successful history of working closely with the CEO to drive results? We invite you to learn more.

What I love about working for the Raffoni Group is that we really do make a very positive impact by helping CEOs and Key Executives develop in their roles, refine their strategic skills, and improve the performance of their companies in the short
and long term.
— Brian O'Donnell, Strategic Facilitator

Explore Current Staff CAREERS

Are you a talented and motivated team player who wants to put your hard-earned skills to work to make a difference in a great company? We invite you to learn more.

I love working at The Raffoni Group because I can be my unfiltered, authentic self. It means everything to me because my individual personality strengths are aligned with my evolving role on the leadership team. It’s exciting and energizing - and makes it fun to come to work!
— Erin Mullen, Client Services Director