Key Executive Collective

Accelerate Growth, Alignment and Leadership Skills for your top executive with a c-suite peer group


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This highly effective program for executive leaders was designed at the request of our CEO Clients.

Our CEO Collective clients were so convinced of the benefits of our peer groups, that they asked us to create a similar program for their top people.

The Key Executive Collective exposes members of a leadership team to a peer group that focus on business strategy and is structured in the same way as the CEO Collective -- promoting alignment between the CEO and their key exec. 

The peer groups are comprised of a variety of CEO direct reports, including Presidents, COOs, CTOs, CFOs and CMOs. They all have one thing in common - they have a powerful influence on strategy.

If you are a CEO with interest in the Key Executive Program for your "right hand", or are yourself a strategic executive seeking a network like ours, we'd love to talk with you.