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Mark Hatton
& Strategic Facilitator

Key Areas of Expertise:

Global operations, M&A, investor management, founder transitioning, restructuring, re-positioning and creating/redefining go-to-market strategies for both US and International businesses.

"Off the Job" Passions:

Being a 'family guy' with my wife and sons, playing golf, watching my kids in all sports, in particular as they play competitive golf at both the high school and college level, sitting on other company boards, and volunteering.

More About Mark

Mark's experience as a member of The Raffoni Group CEO Collective for 5 years, a Strategic Leader client, an adviser to Private Equity backed companies, and as a board member make him a great addition to our team focused on improving the overall program value of our CEO Collective Program.

Mark has over 13 years of CEO/President experience as CEO of Core Security and President of Sophos, North America. His experience spans from global operations, to M&A, to investor management, to founder transitioning, to restructuring, to re-positioning, and the list goes on.

Primarily, his career has focused on growing and scaling organizations, and he has led organizations ranging from $15 million to over $150 million. Mark is recognized for his astuteness in the software/security industry coupled with his cross functional perspective as a marketer, salesperson, service provider, operator and tech strategist. 

Connect with Mark

I love working with the Raffoni Group because it gives me the ability to influence meaningful and direct positive changes for organizations. CEOs can have a huge impact on their teams. I not only get to make a difference for the CEO, but also for the people in his or her company.
— Mark Hatton
I love the positive energy Mark brings into the room. I’m always happy to see and work with him. He’s dynamic, funny, intelligent, easy to develop a direct rapport with, interesting, and accountable.
— Christa Benjamin, Colleague

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