The CEO Collective Launches New Website

Built with You In Mind

In our ongoing efforts to further enhance and elevate the services of The CEO Collective, the Raffoni Group has begun a website redesign project.  Going live in Q1 of 2014, it is our goal to deliver a state-of-the-art tool for all of us to employ in our ongoing, collective communications. 

The new site will:

  • offer comprehensive content on the value of the Collective - much of which you as members have helped us to develop
  • provide a For Our Members section for selective information and membership data
  • provide a For Our Partners section to provide interactive tools and information this group needs to further the Collective's success

About the Raffoni Group

The Raffoni Group has represented Boston's premier CEO network for over a decade. Their experience and carefully curated network of CEOs puts the power of active reciprocity in motion and enables CEOs to achieve great things.  Members of their invitation only collectives are carefully screened to ensure true peer representation and mutual "fit" that enables them to use their time spent with the group in the most meaningful way.  These groups are not simply support groups--they are programs that use proven methodologies to help CEOs identify, articulate, and execute intelligent business strategy. As a result, their member CEOs represent some of the most strategic minds in business.