How Type-A People Can Play Nice with Others

People have always commented on the fact that I am highly driven – a “Type A” to a T. I set personal goals, manage multiple projects at once, and run at the speed of light. Sometimes, I feel like I am already in 2015But what comes with this high-performing personality is the tendency to – let’s just say it – piss people off or push them away.

In my day job helping CEOs build winning cultures, I have witnessed the effects, positive and negative, that Type-A traits have on others. And I’ve discerned three behavioral tendencies of Type-A high performers, which I refer to as the High D curse. They are the tendency to dominate, to bedemanding, and to be (or appear to be) distracted. While embracing the blessings of being Type-A, being aware of my own demon traits helps me keep them in check. Here are some tricks that have worked for me:

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