Through our network and experience, we are uniquely able to connect CEOs in a powerful, purposeful way designed to enable them to achieve great things and use their time in the most meaningful way. Our network is the mirror that lets CEOs see their full potential, and realize it.


To know us, you must know Strategic Facilitation. It is who we are, what we do, and the singular answer to “what makes you different?” As Strategic Facilitators, we enable the knowledge transfer that lets CEOs get the most from one another’s experience and wisdom. We push where pushing yields results; we probe where probing encourages critical thinking; and we thoughtfully connect in a relentless effort to let CEOs truly create and inspire other outstanding CEOs. We are partners in your business challenges; the keepers of accountability; and the askers of the tough questions. Anyone can run a meeting – but only the best and the brightest are Strategic Facilitators

One of the things that our CEOs tell me they love about our program is the accountability they have to each other. They consistently drive each other towards success.
— Melissa Raffoni


"Coaching" is a term fraught with multiple definitions and as many interpretations. When we work with CEOs and Key Executives individually, we prefer to call it "1:1 Strategic Facilitation." Just as in our CEO Collectives, our focus in working with an individual CEO is on isolating strategic challenges into strategic goals and working together to formulate a plan to advance those goals. The outcome we mutually seek is what we call a "leveraged CEO." A CEO who is optimized to have the greatest possible positive impact on an organization. Interested to improve your own effectiveness as a CEO or Key Executive? Learn more »

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The Raffoni Group offers a full suite of integrated strategic facilitation services to CEOs and their leadership teams.  Starting at the core with our CEO Collective, we offer organizations extended programs aimed at strengthening organizational alignment and leadership across all facets of the business. Learn more.