Our Values

  1. We Sincerely Care About the Client - How can we help them to be the best they can be as CEO while positively impacting the enterprise value of their company.
  2. We Support Our Colleagues - We are only as good as each other. The more we can cross-train, pay attention to each others needs, and help each other to be mindful, the better we will be. We work together to evolve right and left brain (process + emotion).
  3. We Embrace Personal Growth - Both professionally and personally, we share the journey. We have much to learn from each other.
  4. We Are Bold - We make thoughtful decisions, but we aren't afraid of making mistakes. We ask for forgiveness later. We let every mistake be an opportunity to learn and reflect. 
  5. We Embrace Transparency - The truth will set you free. We share truth it as a means to help others.
  6. We All Take Ownership of The Practice - We have a great product, clients and culture. We are each a part of the success of this company. We work to provide more growth opportunities for all - both employees and clients.
  7. We Nurture a Sense of Humor - Life is too short not to make each other laugh. We strive to hire people and bring on clients that we think have a good sense of humor because, after all, we are who we hang with.