The RAFFFONI GROUP Partner Program

The benefit is clear. I’ve worked with the Raffoni Group both as a CEO Collective member and as a referring partner. As a private equity investor, I stand to benefit both from the improved performance of my portfolio CEOs as well as from the referrals that come through trusted peer group CEOs.
— Gary Furst, Principal, Generation Equity Advisors, Former CEO Collective Member (CEO, Kryptonite Locks)

Our partners represent a critical part of our network, actively contributing to the success of our member CEOs, and collaborating with us to build the strongest, most robust CEO Collectives possible. We work only with the business advisors our members know and trust, so our CEOs can always be sure that our partners have the strong recommendation of fellow operating CEOs.

Partners of our network are carefully selected following recommendation by our CEO members. They are true partners in the sense that they are equally committed to our mission of enabling CEO success through peer learning. They actively contribute to the health and dynamism of our CEO Collectives by encouraging their top CEOs to join us; they serve as trusted advisors where their content expertise is needed; and, like us, act as rare objective sounding boards to our CEO members. In turn, our partners enjoy deep access to our CEO network and preferred referral status. We also routinely work with our partner firms to help them add value for their own CEO clientele through peer learning. 

A few of our valued partnerS


Frequently Asked Questions

We have known Melissa and her group for several years and have a number of CEOs clients who are part of the Raffoni Group’s CEO Collective. They say that the peer groups are invaluable. As service providers, we are constantly looking for value-added resources for our clients as well as ways to distinguish ourselves from our competitors, and The Raffoni Group’s CEO Peer groups clearly do that for us.
— Josef B. Volman, Partner, Burns & Levinson LLP

How do you work with Partners?

We collaborate with partners in a variety of ways, ranging from simple referrals, to joint events, to branded CEO Peer Groups, to participation in our CEO Summit. Our CEO members trust that our partners are vetted and referred by other member CEOs - so connecting the dots becomes easy.

What’s in it for the Partner?

First and foremost, partners must believe that membership in our CEO Collective is in the best interest of the client. They also recognize that if a CEO acts as an advocate or referral source to another CEO during one of our CEO Collective Meetings, that referral is usually acted on immediately.  Additionally, partners frequently “outsource” the running of a CEO Peer Breakfast Event at their firm location. CEO clients appreciate and value well run CEO peer events. We do the work, and the partner looks good.  

Who are some of your Partners?

Each time we work together to organize a joint CEO Peer Event, the value to our firm is immense. Our clients walk away feeling as if we have gone out of our way to do something valuable for them. It helps our brand and ultimately helps our client CEO by connecting them with The Raffoni Group CEO Collective.
— Jeff DiSandro, Partner, Howard Fischer Associates

Our partners come from our CEO Membership base as trusted referral sources and advisors. They include the area's most recognized companies across most traditional professional services used by CEOs:

  • Executive Recruiters

  • Private Equity

  • Venture Capital

  • Attorneys

  • Accountants

  • Commercial Banks

  • Investment Banks

  • Marketing Agencies

  • HR and Benefits Consultancies

  • Insurance Advisors

  • Consultancies

  • Associations

  • Wealth Management and Financial Advisors

Interested in becoming a partner?

I know four CEOs very well who are long-standing members. They have been very clear that the program works well – directly helping them improve company results. Additionally, I have benefited as I’ve gained trusted referrals arising out of the CEO Peer Group.
— Doug Brockway, Managing Director, Stephens