When and How We can Help You "Move the Ball Forward"


When a client company’s direction is clear, the executive leadership team is aligned and the organization is executing on a solid plan, our focus is to take our CEOs a step further by looking for ways to raise the bar.

We probe in the areas of:

  • "Next Level" Leadership - Is the next level of leadership engaged, performing and ready for succession?
  • Pivotal Strategies and Pace of Change - Are pivotal strategic initiatives on track and moving at the required pace to drive needed change?
  • Organizational Competencies - Does the organization have the skills, attitude and knowledge it needs to compete ahead of its evolving, competitive market?
Our role is to find the simplest, most impactful approach for achieving the desired result, then to align your team behind it to drive action.


Three ProgramS to Drive Performance and EngagEment

"Next Level" Leadership Engagement

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Executive and Professional Skills Development

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Hands-On Strategic Pivot Support

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Our Approach and Unique ABILITIES  

The Raffoni Group is uniquely positioned to facilitate and assist in driving organizational change for three fundamental reasons:

1) Our close relationship with our CEO clients
2) Our deep understanding of their company strategy and the ins and outs of their business and
3) Our deep experience with a wide array of companies who face the same challenges. 

    Prioritizing is key. We work closely with the CEO to identify where to shine the flashlight.

    We follow this with a clear vision of what success looks like and develop a plan of how we can support your team in moving the ball forward.

    To ensure that results are achieved, our programs, while each distinct, are customized to your need. They may include a combination of custom facilitated workshops and follow up 1-on-1 coaching, all customized to your needs and objectives.

    As informed “on the business” evangelists, we work with you and your busy team to keep the ball moving forward, one step at a time. We help get things done, quickly and thoughtfully.

    As informed, experienced outsiders we can rise above the weeds and shine the light for your team so they can move forward with confidence.

    CEOs count on the Raffoni Group to sit at the table, bring clarity to complexity, leverage expertise and keep the team focused on what matters most.  

    We “Plug In” AS Needed to Help You Pivot for the Win

    Pivoting a company is no easy task. Too much change at once can overwhelm the organization, be counterproductive and often dishearten employees. Organizational change management is fraught with complex approaches, systems and theories that often take time and money. ROI is hard to manage and legitimate attempts rarely result in meaningful change. Worse yet, if your competitors and industry move faster than your organization’s ability to perform, catching up becomes a high risk game.

    To heighten organizational performance, what’s the key to success?  Senior leadership involvement and energy.

    What’s the conundrum? Senior leadership team time and energy is your organization's scarcest resource.

    Recognizing this, our role is to jump in and provide timely, relevant and strategic programs that assist you in driving the needed change.

    We aren't permanent fixture consultants. Our goal is to thoughtfully and strategically "plug in" to your organization, drive results, and save you and your team the precious commodity of time.