A Year in the Life of a Member

Month by month accountability and processing of collective advice is just part of the commitment. Working directly with the Raffoni Group's strategic facilitators 1:1, making connections and maximizing the opportunities laid out for you with membership complete the year.


Meet 1:1 with Strategic Facilitator to draft your Annual Plan and Company Introduction in preparation for your first meeting

Attend first meeting and present Annual Plan for feedback. Strategic Facilitator captures feedback, as well as your key takeaways and plans for action.


Meet 1:1 with Strategic Facilitator to update Annual Plan based on peer feedback, and translate the core strategic goals to your CEO Scorecard. Your CEO Scorecard acts as your main source of updates for your peers.


Knowing that one of your goals is to learn more about doing business in Brazil in anticipation of future expansion there, your Strategic Facilitator connects you with a CEO from another Collective who recently exited Brazil to share his lessons learned. You arrange to meet him for coffee.

As an observer and provider of feedback, attend second meeting of another CEO Collective as part of our Exchange Program. Leave with an expanded network of CEO connections, a notebook full of ideas and action items, and increase your business acumen through listening to four business cases by fellow CEOs and learning how they plan to address them.


Meet 1:1 with Strategic Facilitator to review your CEO Scorecard. You realize that in planning to hire a CFO, you may actually need a COO, but aren’t sure which is the right move. Together you draft a business case for feedback from the group.


Attend third meeting and present your business case for feedback. Your Strategic Facilitator documents your key takeaways from the group’s input and your resulting plan of action.


Your Strategic Facilitator asks if you are willing to lend some expertise to a CEO from another Collective who has less experience building a sales team. She invites you to lunch to discuss.

Meet 1:1 with…

You need a respected recruiter to help fill your executive opening. Your Strategic Facilitator recommends three recruiters and tells you which other CEOs in the network have used them.


Attend your fourth meeting as an observer and begin to recognize patterns in the business cases presented. You realize your feedback on a fellow CEOs’ plans for a reorganization comes easily and you’re able to put it in the context of their specific leadership style. The group adjourns a little early for cocktails and an annual Summer dinner at a nearby restaurant.


Meet 1:1 with…

Your Strategic Facilitator knows your business and your leadership team well, so you involve them in designing and leading a 2-day annual leadership team offsite to set strategic goals for the coming year. Your team leaves well-aligned and with ownership of specific goals with defined measures and targets and a corresponding governance plan to voersee strategy throughout the year.


Your Strategic Facilitator asks if you’d be interested in mentoring an up-and-coming startup entrepreneur who is part of another Collective. You don’t have time right now, but recommend some of your trusted advisors as resources. As you wrap up the discussion, you and your Strategic Facilitator recall a retired CEO who is active as a Network Member as a great potential fit.

Attend your fifth meeting…


Attend the annual CEO Retreat at the Wentworth-By-The-Sea. Participate in a high ropes course and help a local YMCA build picnic tables in the annual CEO Service Day, and join your peers from our entire network for cocktails and dinner before the following day packed with networking opportunities and high-profile speakers.


Attend your sixth meeting and final meeting until the new year. You bring your new COO to the meeting to present a case on how he plans to reorganize his department. He goes through the exercise of writing a business case and presenting it to a group of experienced CEOs for feedback.

Your new COO could really benefit from the kind of objective feedback and insight you get from your own group of peers. Your Strategic Facilitator places your COO in the Key Executive Collective with a parallel Scorecard that encourages your alignment and collaboration.


Via your Strategic Facilitator, connect with another CEO who has made significant progress with their manufacturing operations this year. Make plans to tour their plant together.

Join another Collective as an “exchange guest” as recommended by your Strategic Facilitator as a means to get to know other CEOs whose experience will be helpful to you.