Strategic Planning facilitation that gets your leadership team aligned and moving forward 

You know the importance of developing and executing a solid strategy. You also know that it's no easy task. And you aren't alone. With our proven process and tools, we help CEOs face these challenges and more...  

  • How do I ensure that I am setting the right strategic direction & plan for my company?

  • How do I ensure that my team is motivated and aligned to execute on the plan?

  • How do I get my c-suite to work together at a higher level?

  • How do I ensure we have a system & processes in place to drive accountability and follow through on our plan?

  • How do I build and/or upgrade to a C-Suite Leadership team ready to take the company to the next level?

The strategic facilitator will get under the hood of the entire business and push you, the CEO, and the management team to do things you never know you could do in ways you never knew you could do them.
— Chuck Cohen, CEO, Benco


What Sets OUR strategic Planning Program apart

While there are many factors that make our Strategic Leaders program unique and highly effective, here are the top reasons we stand out above the rest...

The Raffoni Group did an excellent job of understanding our team. They helped defined outcomes upfront and delivered results.
— Jason Maxwell, CEO, MassPay
  • Proven high-impact methodology and toolkit built in collaboration with our CEO client network

  • Seasoned facilitators with insight and experience to drive fast track outputs—former C-level or C consultants

  • A unique focus on strategy and the executive team effectiveness required to execute

  • High-impact working sessions that produce clear, actionable, agreed-upon deliverables, every time

  • Compiled and analyzed leadership team pre-work to drive strategy session efficiency

  • Commitment to and rigor with respect to measurable results

  • Flexible, on-going coaching support to ensure execution of the plan

  • Access to our CEO peer-to-peer network for insight and performance bench-marking



Strategic Leaders Proven Planning PROCESS

Successful strategic planning and alignment starts long before the offsite. 

It's our belief that by the time all members of the executive team arrive around the strategy table, much of the hardest work should be complete.

Our proven process follows these seven phases:

  1. CEO Needs Assessment - Clarity of objectives and expectation setting

  2. CEO Preparation - CEO Direction Deck™ collaboration

  3. Leadership Team Preparation - Team interviews and pre-work

  4. Program Design Review, customized as needed - 2-day and 4-day option, adapted to meet client needs and objectives

  5. Development of Materials for Offsite - Customized application of Strategic Leaders Methodology™

  6. Delivery of High-Impact Offsite Sessions - Including post offsite participant satisfaction evaluation

  7. Post Offsite Debrief – Chance to review flexible support options

The Raffoni Group does thorough preparation leading up to the planning session. They run a well-designed program that includes brilliant facilitation, and an action-oriented, no nonsense approach.
— Jeff Grogan, EVP, Racepoint Global


A Sample of The StrateGic Leaders Toolkit

The Raffoni Group knows how to facilitate solid discussions with the leadership team. They keep the session and objectives on-point.
— Kari Taylor, VP of Sales and Branch Operations, Benco

When we facilitate strategic planning with our clients we bring a powerful portfolio of trademarked "CEO tested, CEO approved" tools to the table to support the multi-level phases of the process. When the planning is complete, the team walks away with the tools they need to successfully execute on and be held accountable to the final strategy.

The Strategic Leaders Toolkit Includes: 

  • Structured leadership team prep documents

  • CEO Direction Deck™ (learn more)

  • One-page Raffoni Strategic Scorecard™ and metrics (learn more)

  • Operational dashboard and functional plans

  • Action plan

  • Raffoni Case™ methodology

Learn more about the program and tools in the presentation below...


Our Talented Facilitators


Our seasoned Strategic Facilitators include former CEOs, CEO clients and consultants, all certified and committed to consistent program quality and driving results.


Melissa Raffoni
CEO and Founder
Strategic Facilitator

Brian O'Donnell.jpg

Brian O'Donnell
Strategic Facilitator

Mark Hatton
Strategic Facilitator

Mark G Black and White.PNG

Mark Goldstein
Strategic Facilitator

Theresa Higgs
Strategic Facilitator

The Raffoni Group is effective at driving toward clarity and alignment around decisions that need to be made.

— Chad Geise, CEO, Furmano’s


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