Strategic Leaders Program

How It Works

Successful strategy and leadership alignment starts with a deep understanding of the CEO's vision for success. Raffoni's unique approach to strategic planning starts with in-depth interviews with our Strategic Facilitators and results in a collaboratively-produced strategic vision that will set the stage for a successful session and help to guide its outcomes. 

Individual key stakeholders are involved from the beginning, providing valuable input on everything from the leadership team's historical performance to the biggest market-driven opportunities they see for the company. 

With a carefully-reviewed plan in place for the session, the CEO's strategic vision defined and captured, and all leadership team members' feedback collected and codified, the Strategic Facilitator is ready to serve as the navigator and sounding board for a successful offsite. 

During the offsite itself, our Strategic Facilitators run a tightly designed agenda with maximum efficiency in mind, quickly building consensus; identifying issues for future discussion; and solidifying deliverables for the team as they are produced. In short, the hard work of the CEO and the leadership team, combined with strong, objective facilitation, yields a unified vision, mutually agreed upon goals, a definition of how success will be measured for each goal, and a plan to manage this strategy and rally the organization around it moving forward. Our experience clearly shows that the value of a successful offsite session to the year to come cannot be overstated. 

What You Get

Results certainly matter more than a list of deliverables. Our Strategy and Leadership Alignment process assures a leadership team operating in unison to achieve the same vision. But to demonstrate some of our accumulated wisdom on what makes a great leadership team work together for maximum leverage, each customized Strategy and Leadership Alignment session delivers: 

  • The CEO's Strategic Vision (presentation)
  • Compiled Team Input on the company's SWOT; past strengths and weaknesses as a leadership team
  • Unified Strategic Scorecard, complete with a consensus-built set of Strategic Goals and the Measures and Targets that will allow the team to both define success and course-correct throughout the year
  • Leadership Governance Plan that defines how the leadership team will actively manage strategy
  • Organizational Alignment Plan that defines how the leadership team will communicate the strategic vision and rally all departments and functional levels around it
  • Action Plans that designate teams for each Strategic Goal and set plans in motion to achieve them
  • Ongoing counsel and advice from your Strategic Facilitator to ensure adherence to the plan

For more information regarding our Strategic Leaders Program please see our introductory presentation below and contact us to learn more and schedule an introductory call.