Theresa Higgs

Theresa higgs
Strategic Facilitator, Executive Learning & Development

Key Areas of Expertise:

Operations, learning & development, intercultural programs, partnership development and strategy execution.

Most Proud Of

Nurturing community relationships in over 50 countries, volunteering for 2 years on a remote Polynesian island, and mentoring over 50 young team members

"Off the Job" Passions:

International travel, salsa dancing, yoga and reading.

More About Theresa

As a former Raffoni Group Strategic Leaders client, Theresa understands the impact of a well-facilitated process. 

After her stint in the Peace Corps and receiving her Master's degree, Theresa spent 11 years in Executive Leadership for an international non-profit organization.  where she focused on strategy execution, team learning and development, program excellence and new partner development. She designed and delivered online and in-person training for staff, clients and partners ensuring program success and client satisfaction. 

She is passionate about exploring the far corners of the world in a sustainable way while learning about various cultures and occasionally moonlights as a salsa dance instructor. 

Connect with Theresa

I love the work I do with the Raffoni Group because it uses my skills and experiences while challenging me to grow. The team is fantastic! I am grateful to work with such a passionate group of individuals who are dedicated to excellent service to our clients. It is truly a special place!
— Theresa Higgs
Theresa is a great addition to the team because she is a doer who brings a strong ability to narrow down data and come up with systematic ways to address processes. She is very patient, and does a great job holding herself and others accountable. Theresa helps bring stability and calmness to the team.
— Brian O'Donnell, Colleague

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