What's in a Meeting

Each meeting of your CEO Collective should be one of your most valuable business days. Members are individually prepared through 1:1 time with their Strategic Facilitator, during which you’ll review your CEO Scorecard, discuss progress against your strategic goals, and together identify an area that could benefit from the feedback of your peers via an executive summary business case. Business case and CEO Scorecard in-hand, members convene for a day of working “on the business,” managed for efficiency and effectiveness by the Strategic Facilitator. All Strategic Facilitators demand:


Every CEO is thoroughly prepared to present and contribute.


Built on the concept of active reciprocity and investment in your fellow CEOs’ success, attendance is never an issue. Every member of the Collective is present for every meeting, always.


Members begin each meeting by updating fellow CEOs on how they put their feedback to work since their last meeting. Presenting members close each meeting by communicating what they intent to act on based on their peers’ input.


Our members have valuable experience and wisdom, and are encouraged to tell it like it is. They tell other CEOs the blunt truth when nobody else will, truly providing feedback you can’t get anywhere else.


The success of the Collectives relies on complete confidentiality and the ability to discuss the most sensitive issues openly. For that reason, all members sign a confidentiality agreement and adhere to strict standards.