What Makes us Unique?

Proven programs and tools, built in partnership with our client CEOs, coupled with seasoned, experienced Strategic Facilitators...and a concerted effort to connect you to other CEO peers you can learn from. 

Through our integrated suite of services we provide you with the help you need to firm up your strategy and implement it successfully.

The Raffoni Group is a CEO’s secret sauce. Their ability to cut to the chase in a relevant, informed manner is the essence of their brand.”
— Ted Nelson, CEO, Mechanica


C-Suite Alignment


Org performance & Engagement

Strategic Planning & Accountability

Meet Our ceos

Our CEOs Share a Passion for Growth

Our clients are CEOs of growth companies who execute meaningful change and action. 

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meet our Strategic facilitators

We Combine CEO Experience with Consultant Rigor

Our Strategic Facilitators are a unique group. We purposely couple former successful operating CEOs and C-Levels with seasoned consultants. This means we bring true knowledge and experience to the table, coupled with the process orientation required to execute. 

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We Help CEOs Tackle Tough Challenges

In our 20 years of serving CEOs, It’s fair to say that we’ve seen quite a bit. Here are just some of the common challenges we help CEOs face. >

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